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Microfilming and digitisation

About the Centre: 

According to the suggestion of the IFLA-PAC China Center, National Library of China began to research and prepare for the China Center in 2003. In 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of Culture, the “China PAC Center” was officially established in National Library of China. The current director of the center is Zhang Zhiqing, the deputy director of the National Library of China.


The main tasks of the China Center are: to improve the public’s awareness of the preservation and conservation of books, to establish a communication network, to translate the professional documents of the IFLA-PAC, to participate in the conference of the IFLA-PAC, and to prepare for organizing international conferences in the field of preservation and conservation as conditions permit, to advocate and promote the applying of standards (mainly permanent paper, digitization, microfilming, etc.).


  • Preservation and conservation of paper-based documents
  • Preservation and conservation research
  • Development of standards

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