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More about the Centre: 

IFLA PAC Korea Center, established in 2008 and located at National Library of Korea, plays a major role in the scientific preservation and succession of national knowledge and information resources.

IFLA PAC Korea Center is operated by Preservation and Research Center at National Library of Korea and promotes systemized preservation/management schemes with professional manpower and equipment.

Preservation and Research Center has eight specialized rooms; conservation studio, research laboratory, reformatting room, photograph room, bindery, fumigation room. The personnel of the center consist of conservators and collection management librarians. They are responsible for collection management librarians. They are responsible for collection management, general and rare book conservation, electronic material preservation, microfilming and so on. The center is one of the biggest preservation center in Korea. It develops conservation technology, trains conservators, exchanges information/technology with other libraries and cooperate in preserving national written heritage with other related institute.

IFLA PAC Korea Center will continue to devote itself to supporting libraries and to researching on and developing preservation technologies for various resources, to develop into South Korea’s leading preservation organization


  • Conservation of traditional Korean materials.
  • Preservation and conservation of general library materials
  • Collection management
  • Environmental monitoring and management
  • Preservation of Audio-visual materials

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