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The PAC North America covers Canada and the United States and is hosted by the Library of Congress Preservation Directorate in Washington DC. The Library of Congress’ mission is to engage, inspire, and inform Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity. To this end the Library collects materials and accepts researchers from around the world.


The Preservation Directorate supports the Library’s mission through the core work of its five divisions: Binding & Collections Care (BCCD); Collections Management (CMD); Conservation (CD); Preservation Reformatting (PRD); and Preservation Research and Testing (PRTD) through binding, collections storage and loan management, conservation treatment, mass deacidification, reformatting, research and testing, security and inventory control, and educating staff and users.

In the area of national and international cooperation, the IFLA PAC North America provides preservation training and disaster response support nationally through the NHR (National Heritage Responders) and internationally through programs administered by the US Department of State, including the Ambassadors’ Fund for Cultural Preservation and the Cultural Heritage Coordinating Committee. Preservation also hosts a variety of competitive internships and fellowships that accept international applicants to advance research and provide training in preservation and conservation. The Directorate provides preservation information from its website on a wide variety of issues from disaster to housing to specifications for products.

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