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Storing Digital Information for a Long Time

More about the Centres: 

The IFLA PAC Centre for digital preservation is hosted at National Library of Poland. It was established in 2016.

The PAC Centre builds on expertise of National Library of Poland which in 2010 has been designated the National Competence Centre for digitization of library materials by the Polish Ministry of Culture. The digital repository National Library of Poland archives both the born-digital materials deposited in the Library as Legal Deposit, as well as materials created in mass-digitization efforts carried out by various institutions.

The IFLA PAC Centre supports the needs of libraries concerning digital preservation and digital sustainability and also assists in the safeguarding of digital cultural heritage. The Centre for digital preservation uses expertise of the National Library based Institute for Conservation of Library Collections dealing in conservation of physical collections.

The expertise of the Centre allows for sharing knowledge in the following fields: 

  • preparation of material for digitization, 
  • technical conditions of digitization, 
  • carrying out the (mass) digitization, 
  • long term preservation of digital collections, 
  • sustainability of digital data.

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