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How to apply efficient preventive conservation strategies in your climate

More about the Centre: 

Qatar National Library acts as a steward of Qatar’s national heritage by collecting, preserving and making available the country’s recorded history. In its role as a research library with a preeminent heritage library, the Library fosters and promotes greater global insight into the history and culture of the Gulf region. The library as also a polyvalent and dynamic preservation and conservation department, which has been designated by IFLA as a regional PAC Centre for Arabic countries and Middle East in 2015. And also has a broader specialization in Preventive Conservation.


Our IFLA PAC Regional Centre’s role is to support the Libraries in the Arab region by understanding their needs and challenges in order to build their capacities and strengthen knowledge and information exchange, through a series of activities and initiatives to promote, disseminate and improve the practices in preservation and conservation. This includes:

  • Supporting documentary heritage preservation in the Arab region
  • Creating an international networks, social media platforms to share information and knowledge;
  • Supporting and assisting Arab libraries in conservation issues;
  • Producing and publishing information materials in Arabic and English;
  • Developing better disasters plans preparedness;
  • Organizing courses, workshops and meetings to raise awareness and building capacities

Translate and publish technical documents in Arabic in the field of Preventive conservation.

The center offers expertise and laboratories that are equipped with the most recent techniques and machines to handle any kind of activities in the following areas of expertise:

  • Preventive conservation
  • Paper and book Conservation
  • Mass deacidification
  • Scientific research on books and manuscripts materials
  • Bio-deterioration analysis and treatment
  • Arabic book codicology
  • Intervention in case of disaster

Contact the PAC Centre:

Email: [email protected]


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