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Bookbinding: role, construction and conservation


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IFLA PAC Regional Centre for the CIS and Eastern Europe is located in the M.I.Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature, which is one of the largest libraries in Russia. Its holdings stand at approximately 5 million items in 147 languages and focus primarily on the humanities, especially books in foreign languages. The mission of the Library has always been twofold. It has performed traditional library services, and at the same time it has aimed to encourage cross-cultural dialogue to bridge the gap between nations and cultures.

The Library has a great collection of rare books that consists of more than 52,000 items. It includes rare and unique books from the 16th to the 20th centuries, including 11 incunabula.

In 1997, at the 63rd General conference of IFLA in Copenhagen (Denmark), The Executive Bureau decided to establish IFLA PAC Regional Centre at the M.I.Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature.


The Centre cooperates with libraries, museums and archives in the various regions of Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. A variety of professional events are held annually, including the School of Restorer at the All-Russia Annual conference of the Russian Library Association (RLA), at the annual conference “Book Monuments in the Aspect of Preservation,” andworkshops with the participation of foreign specialists.

The most important reason forconducting these events is to promote and share the expertise of leading preservation and research organizations and to encourage professional exchange between them, creating a professional international network.

The PAC Centre is also actively working on developing and establishing international partnerships with IFLA PAC Centers located in other regions.

Topics that reflect the IFLA PAC Regional Centre for the CIS and Eastern Europe expertise and knowledge:

  • Scientific research of books;
  • Bookbinding: role, construction and conservation;
  • Preservation of cultural heritage and new professional partnerships.

Further information about the Centre’s activities is available on the website of the Library for Foreign Literature (


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