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The organisation was established by the NALIS Act No. 18 of 1998 to administer the development and coordination of library and information services in Trinidad and Tobago. Preserving heritage information has always been a core mandate of NALIS.

With the Heritage Library, 24 public libraries (in Trinidad), 4 mobile libraries — with visits to 140 locations, 4 libraries in correctional institutions and 2 community libraries, NALIS makes library and information service easily accessible to members of the public. Additionally, NALIS has entered into arrangements to provide professional services to 66 special libraries located in government ministries and state agencies, 33 secondary schools, 483 primary schools and 25 ECCE centres. Library services are also provided through the organisation’s website at and its social media sites.



  • NALIS has been a sitting member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Committee of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme since its first meeting in 2007. NALIS houses two collections which have been inscribed on the regional and international Memory of the World Registers.
  • The Heritage Library helps NALIS fulfil its goal of acquiring, promoting and preserving national heritage information. The Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Laboratory, a unit of the Heritage Library, was officially commissioned in July 2013 to help preserve collections to posterity. The PAC Laboratory provides a range of services covering preservation, conservation and consultancy.
  • NALIS offers Preservation Training Outreach via exhibitions, workshops, lectures and heirloom preservation clinics to raise awareness of the importance of preservation and conservation.
  • NALIS provides Preservation Technical Assistance and Advice to local and regional institutions, which gain guidance on the long-term care of their library and archival collections.

More about the PAC Centre at NALIS here:


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