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Infor: 20 Years as IFLA’s Officers’ reception sponsor

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Ann Melaerts, Infor’s Managing Director and IFLA President Ingrid Parent at the 2013 officers' receptionInfor, a provider of integrated library system (ILS) solutions, is best known in Europe. Its products, namely Iguana and V-smart are used by a variety of clients, including: the Vatican Library, a network of libraries in Belgium and Paris, the Volusia County Public Library in the United States, and the Essex County Libraries in the United Kingdom.

Ann Melaerts, Infor’s Managing Director, shared how its 20-year relationship with IFLA began. Seven years ago, Infor acquired Geac, a provider of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and library automation software.  Geac started as one of the exhibitors at the 1993 IFLA Congress in Barcelona and was so impressed with what they saw they decided to provide sponsorship to the IFLA officers’ reception. They quickly realised the unique position IFLA has in the library community and decided repeat that kind act at every WLIC since then—no matter where that meeting was held. When Infor took over the ownership of Geac, it also took over this role as sponsor.

“IFLA is the most International librarians’ conference in the world, attended by a large number of delegates from Europe.  We get to meet many of our customers and prospects here,” said Ann Melaerts. However, it is also true that Infor does not yet have a long-standing presence in Asia, so convincing the stakeholders to continue the sponsorship when the conferences was held in South Korea (2006) and now in Singapore has been a challenge for Ann.  “It is our commitment to the library communities and it is not just about ROI (return on investment),” she said.

Next year’s WLIC will be held at Lyon, France and the continued support from Infor of the IFLA officers’ reception has already been assured. 

Thank you, Infor!