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Shahril Abdullah

Jueves, 22 Agosto 2013

Highlights from the IFLA Highlights Session

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IFLA Highlights Session

The following is a summary of Tuesday's IFLA Highlights Session.

IFLA Trend Report

IFLA President Ingrid Parent provided an overview of the just released Trend Report, which was prepared through an extensive process.  The breadth and depth of resources compiled on the IFLA Trend Report platform, and summarised in the Trend Report Insights Document, reflect the input of a range of experts who have volunteered their time and services in 2013. Since the report holds a CC BY-NC 3.0 licence, Ingrid encouraged people to be creative and proactive in its use. This can be done through conducting workshops, conferences and the hosting of events. She also encouraged library communities to translate the report and engage with their members on the subjects involved.

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