Let’s work together


Aceptance Speech
Delivered by Christine Mackenzie
at the 85th IFLA Congress in Athens, Greece

My Presidential theme has come from the Global Vision work that IFLA has undertaken over the past year. Before IFLA can really start to impact on the issues that are in its sphere – access to information and global literacy in particular –  we need to be in a strong position ourselves.

The first step was to build our common vision for the future of libraries. We now have the Global Vision Report Summary which is the result of an amazing amount of input from over 9,200 workshop participants and nearly 22,000 online votes from all generations and library types from 190 UN member states on 7 continents.

Our vision is:

A strong and united library field powering literate, informed and participative societies.

The key finding from the Global Vision project is that

We are united globally in our goals and values

We must connect global and local actions effectively

The process that IFLA is undertaking within our own sphere is a big challenge – and how much more powerful and prepared libraries will be to join with industry, governments and other like-minded organisations when we have worked through this stage to form alliances to work towards the goals of IFLA – the need for universal and equitable access to information by all people; the conviction that high-quality library services help guarantee that access; and that IFLA is truly inclusive.

A visionary and united IFLA can create long term value for society by driving access and opportunity for all through the libraries of the world.

This is what I will be promoting during my Presidential term. 

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