“Topics in National Bibliographies” is a virtual events series organized and hosted by the Bibliography Section.

The series aims at exploring a wide range of topics pertaining to the scope of work of the Section, through two distinct tracks:

Track 1: Inside National Bibliographic Agencies

Focusing on the role of national bibliographies, and the organization and management of national bibliographic agencies and the national bibliographic services within national libraries.

Track 2: New Horizons

Permitting to explore the latest trends and developments shaping the national bibliography landscape.

The Bibliography Section may also hold extended webinars or virtual mini-conferences in collaboration with many IFLA and non-IFLA partners around topics of shared interest or with regional focuses.

The “Topics in National Bibliographies” virtual event series follows the IFLA Strategic Direction 2 Inspire and enhance professional practices.

The first round of the virtual event series will be presented between April 2024 and August 2025.