The World Intellectual Property Organisation has published a best practice toolkit on collective management organisations. This brief offers an overview of the toolkit, and suggests how it can be useful for libraries and library associations.

First page of IFLA Brief on WIPO CMO Best Practice ToolkitIn situations where copyright exceptions do not apply, efficient and effective collective management can help simplify the work of libraries.

Good relationships between libraries and collective management organisations (CMOs) are supported by good practices in the way such organisations operate.

As part of its mission to support a well-functioning copyright system, the World Intellectual Property Organistion (WIPO) has produced a best practice toolkit. This brings together examples of legislation, regulation and codes of conduct from around the world. It is available in all official United Nations languages, plus Portuguese.

While focusing much more broadly than just on the links between CMOs and libraries, the document is a valuable reference text for any efforts to build confidence in collective management systems.

The IFLA briefing summarises the subjects covered by the guide, and highlights points where it can offer support to libraries and library associations in working to improve the way collective management works.

You can download the briefing as a pdf