Berlin, Germany, August, 2003

During the World Library and Information Congress in Berlin,there was much debate about the US PATRIOT Act and similar legislation being enacted elsewhere around the world. The sessions organised by the IFLA Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) committee in particular dealt with the dangers posed by trends towards restricting access in the name of the war against terror. Kay Raseroka, who took office as IFLA President during the congeress, said that she was very worried that the emerging democracies would take a lead from the West and use the excuse to reverse the path to free access to information.

At the Council meeting, Al Kagan submitted the following resolution. The resolution was adopted with no members voting against, and 17 recorded abstentions.

The full text of the resolution

IFLA requests that your association takes steps to implement the resolution and, in particular, to report on the actions taken and any outcomes, to the IFLA FAIFE office at the following address:

Susanne Seidelin
Director, IFLA/FAIFE