Conference theme:

“Newspaper Digitization and Preservation: New Prospects. Stakeholders, Practices, Users and Business Models”


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Wednesday 11th April 2012

9:00-9:30: Registration

Introduction and Welcome
By Bruno Racine, President, National Library of France
By Frederick Zarndt, Chair, IFLA Newspaper Section, USA

Opening Keynote Speeches
By Emmanuel Hoog, President, Agence France-Presse, France
By Patrick Eveno, Media Historian, Pantheon-Sorbonne Paris 1 University, France

Mass Digitization of Newspaper Collections: Stakeholders and Business Models

First session: Digitization by Newspaper Groups (11:00-12:30)

Moderator: Philippe Mezzasalma, IFLA Newspaper Section, Department Law, Economics, Politics, BnF, France

By Philippe Mezzasalma

Presentation: Le Monde
By Sebastien Carganico, Head of the Documentation Service,
Le Monde, France

Presentation: Ouest-France
By Jacek Brzezinski, Deputy Secretary General of Ouest-France, France

Presentation: Corriere della Sera
By Walter Colombo, DACS (Digitalizzazione Archivio Corriere della Sera) Project Manager, Italy, Claudio Albanese, IDM (Integra Document Management), Italy, and Shalev Vayness, ISAKO, France


12:30-14:20: Lunch break (free time)

14:20-14:30: Sponsor presentation: ISAKO

Second session: Digitization by Public Institutions (14:30-16:00)

Moderator: Denis Bruckmann, Deputy Director General, Director of Collections, BnF, France

By Denis Bruckmann

Presentation of the Newspaper Digitization Programme of the French National Library
By Pascal Sanz, Director of Department Law, Economics, Politics, BnF, France

The South African National Library and the Digitization of the Early Years of the Black Press
By Douwe Drijfhout, Executive Head, Preservation Services, National Library of South Africa

Digitization of French-speaking newspaper collections in Egypt at the Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines (CNRS USR 3134)
By Jessie Maucor, Head of digitization Department, CEAlex, Alexandria, Egypt

16:00-16:20: Coffee break and Sponsor trade display in the Foyer

16:20-16:30: Sponsor presentation: Diadeis

Third session: Public-Private Partnership for Digitization Programmes (16:30-18:00)

Moderator: Gérald Grunberg, Director, International Relations Division, BnF, France

By Gérald Grunberg

A Unique Public-Private Sector Partnership: the case of The British Library
By Patrick Fleming, Associate Director, The British Library, and Chris van der Kuyl, Chief Executive Officer, Brightsolid, UK

Swiss Cultural Heritage Online: Public-Private Partnerships for Newspaper Digitization in Switzerland
By Geneviève Clavel, Head of National and International Cooperation, Swiss National Library, Switzerland

Partnership Models in Newspaper Digitization: A Synthesis
By Edmund King, Former Secretary of IFLA Newspaper Section, Head of Newspaper Collections, British Library, UK

18:30-20:00: Cocktail (Belvédère)


Thursday 12th April


Newspapers on Line: Content and Access

First session: Collecting News and Newspapers (9:00-10:30)

Moderator: Thierry Claerr, Deputy Director, Libraries Department, SLL-DGMIC, Ministry of Culture and Communication, France

By Thierry Claerr

Legal Deposit of Online Newspapers at the BnF
By Clément Oury, Head of Digital Legal Deposit Service, BnF, France

Private Aggregator: : the 360° Information Monitoring Solution
By Raymond Descout, Vice-President Europe, CEDROM-SNi, Canada/France

European Aggregator: A Gateway to European Newspapers
Thorsten Siegmann, Project Coordinator, Berlin State Library, Germany

10:30-10:50: Coffee break and Sponsor trade display in the Foyer 

10:50-11:00: Sponsor presentation: i2S

Second session: The Public and Access (11:00-12:30)

Moderator: Frederick Zarndt, Chair, IFLA Newspaper Section, USA

Introduction: The New Ways of Access
By Frederick Zarndt

Post Digitization: Challenges in Managing a Dynamic Dataset
By Jasper Faase, Project Manager, Innovative Projects, National Library of The Netherlands (KB)

The Benefits of Digitization: Crowdsourcing, E-delivery and Research Efforts at the National Library of Finland
By Majlis Bremer-Laamanen, Director, Centre for Microfilming and Conservation, Helsinki University Library, National Library of Finland

Presentation of Recent Developments by the National Library of Singapore in the field of Newspaper Digitization and Access
By Leong Sek Choon, National Library of Singapore

12:30-14:00: Lunch break (free time)

14:00-14:10: Sponsor presentation: Zeutschel

Third session: Archiving the Press Photo (14:10-17:00)

Moderator: Daniel Barroy, Chef de la Mission de la photographie, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France

By Daniel Barroy

Archiving the Press Photo at the French National Library
By Dominique Versavel, In charge of the Collection of Modern Photography, BnF, France

Archiving the Press Photo at the National Library of Austria
By Hans Petschar, Director, Picture Archives and Graphics Department, National Library of Austria

Presentation: Agence France-Presse
By Francis Kohn, Director, Photography Department, AFP, France

Back to the Future: Hulton Archive by Getty Images (presentation 1 and presentation 2)
By Jeff Guilbault, Senior, Getty Images (Paris), France, and Matthew Butson, Vice-President, Hulton Archive, Getty Images (London), UK

16:50-17:00: Sponsor presentation: Planman Technologies

From 17:00: Introductive presentation of the exhibition “La presse à la Une” and Visit (free)

Evening (20:00-23:00): Dinner cruise (optional) on the Seine River (Registration and payment needed)


Friday 13th April

Preserving Original and Digital Newspaper Collections

Moderator: Arnaud Beaufort, Deputy Director General, Network and Services Director, BnF, France

By Arnaud Beaufort 

First session: The Challenge of Preserving Original Newspaper Collections (9:00-10:45)

Restore and Preserve in order to Digitize
By Philippe Vallas, Deputy Director, Preservation Department, BnF, France

Deacidification of rare newspapers as a part of the Digital Jagiellonian Library Preserving Programme
By Aleksandra Szalla-Kleeman, Head of Conservation Studio, Jagiellonian Library, Cracow, Poland

Storage of the Newspaper Collections at the British Library
By Deborah Novotny, Head of Collection Care, The British Library, UK

Shared Preservation and Digitization: the example of ARALD (Agence Rhône-Alpes pour le livre et la documentation)
By Antoine Fauchié and Odile Cramard, ARALD, France

10:45-11:00: Coffee break

Second session: From Paper to Digital through Microfilm (11:00-11:50)

Presentation of the International Herald Tribune Strategy (part 1; part 2)
By Bernadette Murphy, Head of Information Services, International Herald Tribune, France

Presentation of the Presentation of the COM Technology: An International Overview
By Jörg Vogler, Expert, President of Zeutschel, Germany



Third session: Long-Term Preservation of Digitized and Born-Digital Newspaper Collections (11:50-12:45)



By Arnaud Beaufort, Deputy Director General, Network and Services Director, BnF, France

Presentation of SPAR (Scalable Preservation and Archiving Repository)
By Thomas Ledoux, Engineer, SPAR Project Manager, BnF, France

Presentation of the Library of Congress National Digital Newspaper Programme (NDNP)
By Deborah Thomas, Programme Coordinator for the National Digital Newspaper Programme, Library of Congress, and Susan L. Kellerman, Secretary, IFLA Newspaper Section, Pennsylvania State University Libraries, USA

12:45-13:00: Conclusion
By Pascal Sanz, Director of Department Law, Economics, Politics, BnF, and Christiane Baryla, Director, IFLA-PAC Core Activity, France

13:00-13:15: Closing comments
By Jacqueline Sanson, Director General, BnF, France

13:20-14:30: Lunch break (free time)

14:30-17:00: Visit of the BnF Technical Centre in Bussy St Georges
(30 kms east of Paris / special transport arranged)
Limited space: registration needed on day 1 at the BnF


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