First page of IFLA Initial Response to UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation​IFLA has submitted its response to the consultation launched by the United Nations High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. This highlights the importance of action for access to information, and the need to involve libraries in discussions about the future of the internet.

In order to find better ways to resolve policy challenges associated with the internet, the United Nations Secretary-General has launched a High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. 

The Panel brings together experts from government, business, development funders and civil society in order to look at mechanisms and areas for finding joint solutions. It has launched a consultation of stakeholders, asking about the values and principles that should underpin cooperation, as well as calling for examples. 

Given its long engagement in internet governance, the interest of libraries in a well-functioning internet, and the contribution our institutions can make to finding solutions, IFLA has prepared a response, highlighting library priorities and arguing that libraries and others providing services to communities should be involved in discussion. Our final response builds on our initial submission, and takes account of contributions received during a consultation with the global library field.

View the IFLA submission. You can also download the initial IFLA submission. See also the submission made by the Partnership for Public Access, to which IFLA contributed.