IFLA webinar on the WIPO Latin America and the Caribbean regional meeting (in English)

Modern, balanced copyright laws are key to the fulfilment of libraries’ public interest mission. Outdated or inadequate legislation hampers democratic access to information and the preservation of our cultural heritage.

In parallel with efforts to change copyright laws at the national level around the world, IFLA is also pushing for change at the international level through the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

At WIPO, IFLA is calling for meaningful international action on exceptions and limitations to copyright for libraries because: A) changes at the national level do not guarantee that copyright will work across borders, and so coordination at the international level is needed; and B) an international instrument will encourage change where it is not taking place.

Now, there is a unique opportunity to influence decisionmakers and underline the need for an international instrument: the WIPO regional seminars on exceptions and limitations. These will take place this year in SingaporeKenya and the Dominican Republic, and will bring together officials from copyright offices, as well as NGO representatives and WIPO officials. They will analyse legal regimes and the challenges faced by libraries, archives, museums as well as educational and research institutions in the region.

During this IFLA webinar, we present what the Latin America and the Caribbean regional seminar will be about, IFLA’s objectives, the case for an international legal instrument and its impact, and how to get involved and advocate with your representatives in the meeting.


  • Stephen Wyber, Manager Policy and Advocacy, IFLA


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