The IFLA Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments held its 28th annual pre-conference, 8-10 August 2012, in advance of the 2012 IFLA Congress in Finland. More than 100 participants listened to interesting presentations, took had the opportunity to renew relationships and forge new ones during the two day event hosted by the Parliament of Finland

Papers presented at the Pre-Conference are also listed below.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Introduction to the Library of the Finnish Parliament: Openness and Services to Support DemocracyMs Sari Pajula, Director of the Library of the Finnish Parliament 

Research service, Parliament of FinlandMr Antti Rautava, Head of Research Services of the Finnish Parliament. 

The Finnish Library Network: Finland, a Land of LibrariesMr Hannu Sulin, Counsellor of Library Affairs, The Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Role of the Library of Parliament in Providing Access to KnowledgeBackground PaperMs Erika Bergström, Chief Information Specialist, the Library of the Finnish Parliament.

Parliamentary Decision-making and the Politics of KnowledgeMr Timo Turja, Chief Information Specialist, the Library of the Finnish Parliament

Committee for the FutureMs Päivi Lipponen, Member of the Finnish Parliament and Chair of the Committee for the Future.

Friday, 10 August 2012

How to Install a Congressional Advisory Service to Enhace DemocracyBiblioteca del Congreso Nacional: Facts & FiguresMs Soledad Ferreiro, Library of the National Congress of Chile.

iPads at the StortingMs Gro Sandgrind and Mr Håvard Tvedte, Stortinget Library/Research Service, Norway.

Introducing newly elected Members of Parliament to the services available: New Zealand Parliament Election Induction Project 2011Ms Moira Fraser, Former Librarian of the Parliament of New Zealand

“Are the Parliamentary Library and Archives of Your Country Offering Their Services to the General Public?” An Analysis of the ECPRD Questionnaire no 1481,
Background paperMs Eleni Droulia, Library of the Hellenic Parliament, Greece.

New Ways to Reach and Meet the PublicBackground paperMs Nina Sjöberg and Ms Cecilia Stadius, Parliamentary Library of Sweden.

The Relationship Between Research Services and Library Services in Parliamentary LibrariesMs Moira Fraser, Former Chair of Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section.

Red_Parlamenta: Parliamentary Information Exchange NetworkRed_Parlamenta – video (mp4, external site), Mr José Carlos Álvarez, Cortes de Castilla y León.

A written report of the pre-conference and training day can be found here, along with a summary by the Section Chair, John Pullinger.