International Preservation Issues (IPI) is a collection of studies, surveys or basics on preservation issues to complement the publication of International Preservation News (IPN).

IPI number 7 – out of print

Proceedings of the international Symposium the 3-D’s of preservation disasters, displays, digitization
Organized by the Bibliothèque nationale de France in collaboration with IFLA (IFLA Section on Preservation and Conservation IFLA Core Activity on Preservation and Conservation) Paris, France
March 8th-10th 2006
Ed. revised and updated by Corine Koch, IFLA-PAC

IPI number 6

IFLA Disaster Preparedness and Planning: A Brief Manual
by John McIlwaine
University College London (United Kingdom)

IPI number 5

Care, Handling and Storage of Photographs
by Mark Roosa
Library of Congress (United States)

IPI number 4 – out of print

IPI number 3 – out of print

IPI number 2 – out of print

IPI number 1

IFLA Principles for the Care and Handling of Library Material
Compiled and edited by Edward P. Adcock with the assistance of Marie-Thérèse Varlamoff and Virginie Kremp. Paris: IFLA PAC, Washington DR: CLIR, 1998.