At the 78th IFLA General Conference in Helsinki, Finland (2012), the ISBD Review Group decided to conduct a survey on the use of the ISBD and expectations for its future. A task group was set up to prepare the survey and its results. It was originally planned that the text of the survey would be ready for approval at the next WLIC in order to be distributed at the beginning of 2014.

The survey was primarily intended for national cataloguing committees, national libraries, and national, regional, or multinational rule-making bodies.

The report shows results and charts from 82 responses.

The ISBD survey report is divided into four sections (Use of the ISBD, Translations, Problems and Expectations, Other comments) for a total of 30 questions. The results allow to draw a broad picture about the use of the ISBD and other rules or standards, and also about future directions. 

If you are interested in raw data from the survey, an xls file is also available (large display needed, better print in A3). Please remeber that some results are inconsistent.