​​Through providing access to information and skills in a welcoming environment, as well as working as a platform for partnerships, libraries can realise rights and development. IFLA has underlined what can be done in a submission to the Human Rights Council.  

First page of IFLA submission on libraries, local government, human rights and sustainable development

Following a Resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Council (39/7), the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has called for evidence on means by which local governments can promote human rights and sustainable development.

IFLA has prepared a submission in response to this call. In this, we underline examples of where libraries have proven their potential to make a reality of human rights, and are raisig awareness of and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Drawing on examples from around the world, IFLA argues that recognising this potential, and giving libraries the support and freedom they need to adapt and innovate, is a powerful means of achieving these goals.

Read IFLA’s submission.