While universal connectivity represents one of the key development challenges of our time, it not only through cables and masts that the full potential of the internet will be realised. The LIBSENSE project demonstrates how investing in content and skills in parallel can make the difference. 

In this article by Omo Oaiya, Chief Strategy Officer, WACREN and Pamela Abbott, Senior Lecturer, TUoS Information School, the genesis and operation of the project is discussed, and in particular the combination of libraries, universities and research and education network s (RENs) in helping to enable open science in Western and Central Africa.

LIBSENSE is not only a powerful force for progress in the region, but is already drawing wider interest, and provides a model for collaborations between libraries (including public libraries), other institutions and RENs more broadly. 

Download the article as a pdf, and read Omo and Pamela’s blog for more.