These are the activities completed during this period:

Hosted a mid-term meeting in April 2017 in Athens, attended by 12 standing committee members. Attendance of more than 50% of standing committee members was achieved. Meetings outcomes included development of open session for WLIC, update of action plan, exchange of good practice on lobby areas such as copyright and UN2030 Agenda.

Organized open session at the 2017 WLIC in Wrocław. The session had increased participation by MLAS members. All the papers of the session are published in IFLA website library.

Engage library associations in Europe and MENA region in the IAP project on 2030 agenda. MLAS suggested participants from 10 countries in regional workshop on 13-14 December, The Hague. Train the Trainer Seminar was held on 12-14 October with Barbara Schleihagen and Janice Lachance as participants. Increased awareness and knowledge of how to advocate for sustainable development goals also within MLAS SC members.

Discuss Global Vision process within MLAS and provide feedback to IFLA Headquarters. Survey was completed by eight standing committee members, discussion was held and report was prepared and sent to IFLA by 10 July. Involvement of at least 50% of SC members not achieved, but awareness rose about the Global Vision process. Timely reporting back and contribution of library associations to overall process secured.