Our Action Plan outlines the key objectives for our Special Interest Group in the upcoming year. Take a look at our News feed to read updates on our progress.

If you have questions about our work, suggestions about what you would like us to work on, or you would like to help us, please contact us!


General Objetives of the NPSIG:

  • Empower new professionals to be involved in their national associations and with IFLA to become new local and international leaders

  • Connect new professionals and new professionals supporters to share experiences, opportunities and make new friends and colleagues from all over the world, mainly through social media and online events

  • Offer first quality free training and knowledge exchange opportunities through online webinars, open programmes and satellite meetings


NPSIG Action Plan 2015-2016

Project/Activity outcomes are linked to relevant webpages:


Objective 1

To organize NPSIG 4th Satellite Meeting “IFLAcamp” at IFLA WLIC 2016        


  *IFLAcamp 2016 (Satellite Meeting)

Objective 2

To organize NPSIG Open Programme at IFLA WLIC 2016        


   *IFLA WLIC 2016 NPSIG Open Program

Objective 3

To Co-Coordinate IFLA/ALA Webinar Series “New Librarians Global Connection” 2016 Edition


   *Webinar Series “New Librarians Global Connection” 2016

Objective 4

To systematize NPSIG procedures to ensure: effective management, compliance with IFLA procedures, and easier transitions between leaderships        


   *Updated and organized NPSIG Wiki with NPSIG and IFLA HQ procedures

Objetive 5

To develop and implement NPSIG Social Media Strategy        


     *Clear structure to effectively work with NPSIG social media outlets