Public access to the internet in libraries offers a number of important benefits, both for people who have no other means of getting online, and for those in countries with high levels of connectivity. In order to help its members advocate for this, IFLA is producing a guide to help understand the different policy issues at work, alongside partners in the Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries

The toolkit is designed to offer a short introduction to quesitons associated with technical connectivity, law, regulation, and paying for public access. Each text comes with a key advocacy point, and then a link to a bibliography with further resources. 

In order to make sure that we are covering all of the key issues, we have put the draft toolkit out for consultation among IFLA’s professioanl units, as well as partner organizations in order to collect suggestions and comments. The toolkit was also the subject of discussion at a session at the Internet Govenance Forum 2018.

You can access the draft toolkit here.