FOCUS AREA 1. Undertake a review of IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines.

The IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines provide assistance, information and inspiration to the global profession and aid the development of effective library services, programs, relevant collections including services to diverse and special needs clients in the context of the local community.  The Guidelines, published in 2010 require review and update through a consultation process with the sector.

Project Activity

  • Revise the IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines
  • Promote revised guidelines

FOCUS AREA 2: Ensure that the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto is a document that is relevant to 21st century library practice

An updated and current Manifesto (endorsed by UNESCO) will be a valuable aid to advocacy which can be used at the international, national and local levels by Library Associations and practitioners.

Project Activity

  • Survey to determine relevance and areas of update
  • Session at WLIC Dublin to workshop outcomes of the survey (subject to approval)
  • Redraft statement for further discussion between IFLA and UNESCO

FOCUS AREA 3Advance awareness and knowledge of the contribution of public libraries

Through a range of programs and activities, share stories, challenges and outstanding examples of public library practice to nurture and inspire the practitioners across the gloge through:

The Public Library of the Year Award highlights and models excellence in library design by recognising outstanding examples of integrated design combining functional architecture, creative IT solutions, digital engagement and acknowledgement and reflection of local culture.  By highlighting and promoting outstanding examples, the Award aims to inspire, encourage  and advocate for the development of high quality libraries across the globe.

Relevant and engaging WLIC program and activities and mid term meeting

Blogs, articles and social media posts which inspire, advocate for and develop the sector. 

Project Activity

  • Deliver the annual Public Library of the Year Ward in partnership with the sponsor (Systemic) and other IFLA Professional Groups
  • Encourage public librarians to participate in IFLA conferences through the presentation of innovative papers, posters and sessions of  interest at WLIC and mid term meeting
  • Keep the sector engaged and informed 

The full version of the  Public Libraries Section New Action plan 2019-2020 provides more detail.