​Promote the importance of best practices in serials and other continuing resources including e-resources

  • The SOCRS 2018 Open Program on Scholarly Communications was well received and concluded with a good discussion on Open Access.  All deadlines for the program were met in a timely manner. Papers resulting from the presentations are all deposited in the IFLA Library. SOCRS Standing members along with the Science and Technology Libraries Section created a successful joint program on Open Access.
  • While SOCRS has not yet created a listed of standards and best practices resources, the Section’s 2019 open program will be focused on standards.
  • All SOCRS webpages are up to date.  The Information Coordinator has been active in promoting the section through its blog and social media accounts.

Monitor, raise awareness and promote resolution of national and international issues related to copyright, open access and other related scholarly communication matters

  • The section programming is an example of raising awareness and promoting issues relating to scholarly communications. The section has also used posts on the its blog related to these issues and the Information Coordinator has solicited contributions for the blog at the 2018 WLIC and elsewhere. 

Attract, involve and retain members from all parts of the Serials and Other Continuing Resources information chain thereby raising the profile of the Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section of IFLA

  • A presenter at the 2017 Satellite in Gdansk, Poland and at the open program in Kuala Lumpur became a corresponding member of the section. He has been nominated to become a standing member starting in 2019.
  • While changing the name of the section has been delayed until after the restructuring of IFLA in 2019, SOCRS’ website reflects the changing nature of the section’s work.