Our Mission

We promote the use and development of statistics, evaluation and assessment in libraries and information institutions, because these methods are essential in the following areas:

  • To improve the quality of their services to the user
  • Articulate the role, and value of measurement and assessment
  • To demonstrate the value and impact of libraries to the public, parent institutions, funding agencies and other shareholders
  • Encourage assessment of library collections, services and functions among colleagues within and outside of IFLA


  1. Continue to assist in developing IFLA Library Map of the World and raising awareness of the project through programming at WLIC 2019. One of the IFLA’s strategic directions is Capacity Building, aimed at establishing capacity to raise the voice of librarians at national, regional and global levels, developing advocacy agenda and ability to advocate effectively for libraries. Further development of IFLA Library Map of the World and awareness of the project is contributing to providing a basis for discussion and advocacy activities on national, regional and global levels.
  2. Work on developing statistics on and assessment of the electronic and networked information services and resources.  Evaluation and assessment are crucial for the ability to advocate effectively. Electronic and networking information assessment is an important part of the library activity evaluation. The work on this objective contributes to the Capacity Building in the library community.
  3. Investigate the possibility of creating a new SIG within the Statistics and Evaluation Section on data visualization during the next twelve months.
  4. Continue to increase the level of communication between the members of the section to coordinate continuing activities and build capacity within our section.   The objective is in line with IFLAs vision that involves a more central and active role for the professional unit.
  5. Contribute to the web content on IFLA’s new site.