The IFLA/UNESCO Guidelines for legal deposit legislation suggest that deposit should take place as soon as possible after publication. In addition, the ICNBS recommendation 7 states that "The national bibliography should list material as soon as possible after publication. Provision should be made for its effective distribution and it should appear in a regularly updated form to meet the needs of the users, thereby enabling them to acquire the material listed there without delay".

This is a crucial point in terms of the currency of the national bibliography. The listing of material as soon as possible after publication is an essential requirement for a current awareness service. While currency is dependent on the timely deposit of items the NBA also has an obligation to process these publications without delay.

NBAs must take care to monitor the currency of the national bibliography and take action in response to declining currency. The appropriate action will depend on the reason for the delay. Workflows should continually be improved to ensure that items move through the process as efficiently as possible.

Currency is also of value to publishers wishing to promote their products. Publishers can be encouraged to deposit "in bulk" to improve efficiency and can be made aware of the benefits of the timely appearance of their titles in the national bibliography.

Cataloguing-In-Publication (CIP) arrangements, by which publishers provide bibliographic information in advance of publication, are a means of improving the currency of information as well as enhancing the value of the national bibliography for collection development.