In addition to new records, any NBA with responsibility for distributing bibliographic data should also offer record updates and deletion. This is particularly important for NBAs supporting CIP (Cataloguing in Publication) services where upgrades based on published works replace preliminary pre-publication records. Supply of deletions and amendments is also important where significant database modifications occur (e.g. to support changes to format or cataloguing rules).

  • When changes are made to all records (e.g. due to record control numbers or format migration) NBAs should offer complete replacement datasets in order to eliminate any ongoing requirement to support multiple versions. 
  • Batches of record amendments and deletions should be offered regularly (e.g. weekly) in a standard form to enable those wishing to process them to implement any changes in an efficient and timely manner. It is common to include record amendments and deletions together with new records in a single file if the record exchange format (e.g. MARC ISO2709) supports the clear coding of each record type. Should this not be the case (e.g. with some XML based formats) then separate files containing each record category should be provided and clearly labelled.
  • Changes to metadata within online bibliographic systems are not normally indicated although an individual record’s ‘history’ may be determined to some extent via the use of a record field describing original provenance (e.g. CIP agency) and subsequent amendment (e.g. national library).