The Regional Council shall ensure the coordination of the work of the Divisions at the regional level, especially strengthening advocacy and supporting the visibility, coherence and effectiveness of IFLA’s work across the regions. The Regional Council is comprised of the Chair of the Regional Council and the Chairs of each Regional Division.

Regional Council Chair

The role of the Chair is to coordinate and support the development of regional division action plans, review division activities and raise emerging issues to the Governing Board. They should also lead efforts to provide input on IFLA advocacy work and review success in developing the regional dimension of the IFLA Strategy, as well as work to promote IFLA membership and fundraising in the regions. The Regional Council Chair is a member of the Governing Board.

Regional Division Committee Member

Regional Division Committees comprise members from across each region (see the list of countries/territories per region) who can support the development and delivery of action plans that respond to the needs of the library field across the region. They will contribute to IFLA’s overall strategy and work with other relevant committees and groups to increase library advocacy within the region.

If you have an interest and experience in library policies and advocacy; a network of professional colleagues and the enthusiasm to contribute to your region, we invite you to read more about the expectations for each of these positions and the nomination process.