Electronic Resource Management Systems: A Solution with its Own Challenges


IFLA Preconference
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa 
16-17 August 2007

Papers and Presentations

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  • Rochelle BALLARD and Jennifer LANG ( Princeton University Library) The Hidden Benefits of Implementing an Electronic Resources Management System. [PDF] | PPT]
  • Robert BLEY (Ex Libris) Dis-Integration and Re-Integration: ERMSs in the Wider Context – Predictions [PDF] | [PPT]
  • Richard BURKE (SCELC) A Consortial Approach to Information Management [PDF] | PPT]
  • Ted FONS ( Innovative Interfaces) The Present and Future of Electronic Resource Management Systems: Public and Staff [PDF] | PPT]
  • Brian GREEN (EDItEUR) Licenses and ERMs: Standards for the Expression of Publisher/Library Licenses [PDF] | [PPT]
  • Dalene HAWTHORNE (Emporia State UniversityLibraries) and Jennifer WATSON (University of Tennessee Health Sciences Library) Electronic Resources Management Systems: Alternative Solutions [PDF] | [PPT]
  • Kimberly PARKER (Yale University Library) Tools for Mature Management Electronic Resources Lyfecycles in Libraries [PDF] | [PPT]
  • Oliver PESCH (EBSCO Information Services) Connecting E-Resource Management Systems and Usage Statistics [PDF] | PPT]
  • Dorette SNYMAN (University of South Africa) UNISA Library: Adapting Our Organization to an Electronic Resource Management Environment? [PDF] | [PPT]
  • Wilhelm WIDMARK (Stockholm University Library) A New Organization Built on a New Tool? [PDF] | [PPT]
  • Alicia WISE (Publishers Licensing Society) Electronic Resource Management: Copyright and Licensing Context [PPT]