Term: August 2023-August 2025

Appointments will be made by the sponsoring Section Standing Committees and announced on 01 May 2023. Only self-nominations are required; there is no need to seek nominators. Please refer to “How do I submit my nominee form” at the bottom of this webpage.

The role

IFLA has 12 Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

  • Access to Information Network – Africa
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship
  • Evidence for Global & Disaster Health
  • LGBTQ Users
  • Library History
  • Library Publishing
  • LIS Education in Developing Countries
  • New Professionals
  • Religions, Libraries and Dialogue
  • Women Information and Libraries

They are supported by their Professional Division Committee and Sponsoring Section Chair(s) and work to provide practical outputs in the SIG Committee’s area of expertise, aligned to the organisation’s strategic plan. They respond to relevant questions and requests related to the subject area from IFLA Headquarters.

Each committee, works to raise awareness of their subject focus of the SIG inside the library field and beyond, cooperating with other committees and groups as appropriate.

The position

Positions available: Each Special Interest Group has a committee of up to nine (9) individuals.

Term of office: two (2) years. Renewable once.


Nominations required: one (1)

Who can nominate: Self-nomination

Eligible nominees: Anyone who can meet the expectations

Expectations of Candidates

Skills and attributes: A candidate for this position should be able to demonstrate:

  • Expertise, experience and interest in the thematic focus of the SIG.
  • Proven ability to work successfully with a diverse range of colleagues.
  • Willingness and ability to devote time and energy to the role – this is usually several hours per month.
  • Time allowance to prepare and attend meetings of the SIG Committee.
  • An ability to act with respect, trust, confidentiality and transparency and recognise the need to protect personal and privileged information. They must declare any conflicts of interest and abstain from discussions where they have a conflict or potential conflict of interest.

Candidate statement: A statement of up to 200 words is requested with the nominee consent form.


The members of the Special Interest Group Committee are appointed by the sponsoring Section Standing Committee(e)s, in line with Rule of the IFLA Rules of Procedure.

If there are more than nine nominations an election will be held. The current committee members of the sponsoring Section(s) will participate in the elections.

How do I submit my nominee form?

Those wishing to stand as a candidate will need to submit a self-nomination form for this position.

You will be asked to identify which Special Interest Group you are interested in joining. In this form you will also be asked to provide a statement of up to 200 words describing how you demonstrate the skills and attributes required.

More information

Learn more about the remit of Special Interest Groups in Rule 21.1.3 of the IFLA Rules of Procedure.