The Stichting IFLA Foundation was founded in 2007.


To promote the international support, cooperation, exchange of information, education, research, and development within the scope of the library and information services sector in general. In addition, the Foundation seeks to protect, preserve, and document written and printed cultural heritage, and all that is in connection with these purposes.

The Foundation tries to achieve this objective by supporting the activities of IFLA.


The funding of the Foundation consists of:

  1. Donations and periodic contributions
  2. Property acquired by testamentary succession and specific legacies
  3. Subsidies
  4. Proceeds of the activities (also) organized by the Foundation
  5. Results of fund-raising and actions
  6. And all other income

Donations may be made to the Stichting IFLA Foundation


The Board of Trustees of the Foundation currently consists of the IFLA President, IFLA President-elect, IFLA Treasurer, and IFLA Secretary General.


Foundation funds may be used for:

  • Support for development of IFLA and/or the benefit of members
  • Growth of the organization
  • Contribution to relevant activities of the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC)
  • Grants for IFLA WLIC participation from developing countries
  • As leverage when requesting other grant-making bodies to support IFLA
  • Support for projects that are of strategic value to IFLA

Proposals for funding

Proposals for funding may be submitted to the Trustees through the Secretary General. They should be well motivated, with a clear statement of the proposal, how it will be carried out, and what the expected outcomes will be.

Proposals should be strategic in character, in that they will have a long-term impact in developing and strengthening IFLA, and they should clearly meet at least one of IFLA's strategic priorities as well as the objectives and role of the Stichting. In considering proposals, the Trustees will also take into consideration any perceived conflict of interest of the proposers or recipients.

A further priority for funding would be for proposals that are unlikely to be funded through other sources or bodies.

From time to time, when resources permit, the Stichting IFLA Foundation will contribute funds to IFLA for the purpose of grants for IFLA Congress participation.  These funds and the grants will be administered by IFLA and their availability will be announced on the IFLA website and through IFLA-L.

Individual applications for grant funds for IFLA Congress participation should not be made to the Stichting IFLA Foundation, as they will not be considered by the Trustees.