IFLA National Libraries Section has launched a survey which aims to map the current situation and main development trends of national libraries.

National libraries carry a historically unique role in preserving the cultural heritage of their countries. Today we are witnessing a range of new aims brought along by the tasks of libraries and the changed user expectations. Libraries have become more open, technological progress has enabled to introduce innovative changes to the content and form of services. With this survey we hope to foster cooperation between national libraries and to encourage the evolving of networks that assemble and exchange different service solutions and success stories.

We would like to analyce the fundamental changes in national library functions that have occurred over the last years.

Please, find the survey here:


You can also answer in Spanish if you change the language on the right top corner. Please fill in and submit the questionnaire by 23rd of May 2023.

 The survey is structured into the following chapters: 

 · General Data, Country and Library 

 · Library Space 

 · Visitors 

 · Collections and Preservation 

 · Use of Collections 

 · Cultural and Educational Services 

 · Leadership in the National Network of Libraries 

 · Digital Transformation and Future Trends 

 · Staff Development 

The results of the survey will be published on the website of the IFLA National Libraries Section.

Our further aim is to assemble the performance indicators of different functions in order to develop the project to the next level – the web map of all national libraries (IFLA map of national libraries). 

With additional questions please contact Kristel Veimann, Director of Library Services, National Library of Estonia.