Governance Survey Results: You Spoke, We Listened

IFLA’s survey of its Members and volunteers, seeking views on the first draft proposals for our new governance structure, took place between 22 June and 14 July 2020. We received over 700 responses, as well as suggestions via email. Your contributions have helped the Governing Board improve the plans further, before a series of open virtual round tables in August.

As highlighted in our news story following the closure of the survey, we have seen a very strong level of response from IFLA’s Members and volunteers. The 764 responses received represent a 29% response rate, well above what would be expected for such surveys in general.

Download the full survey results [PDF – 2MB]

Furthermore, a number of IFLA’s professional units and members have shared views via letters, providing additional valuable feedback for the Governing Board, in preparation for the next step of the review.

This underlines the level of commitment to the future of IFLA, and a readiness to share views and ideas. This will be indispensable in order to make a success of the review.

The results demonstrate widespread support for the overall direction of IFLA’s transformation, but also work still to do.

The next step, based on the Board’s conclusions, will be a series of virtual round tables in August which will look to draw on views and expertise from every part of the world, and every area where IFLA is active.