Before you use the IFLA logo in any way, make sure you have read our Guidelines on IFLA Branding and abide by them.

IFLA groups or individuals creating any IFLA material are required to use the official IFLA logo.

See the list of available downloads.


Pantone Matching System 3435

The IFLA logo's base colour is the dark green of PMS 3435.

The CMYK colour values are:

  • C: 100%
  • M: 0%
  • Y: 81%
  • K: 66%

The RGB colour values are *:

  • R: 0
  • G: 73
  • B: 44

HEX (hexadecimal) notation*: #00492c

(* In the value conversions above we used Photoshop with colour settings "Europe General Purpose 2".)

The logo is also available in black, for usage in black and white publications, and there is an inverted version to be used on dark backgrounds.

There is a special logo available with IFLA's full name incorporated.


The typeface of the word "IFLA" in the logo is Univers Bold.

The main typeface of other texts in the IFLA house style for printed material is Minion Pro. This includes the full name "International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions" that may appear next to the IFLA logo. Minion Pro is a versatile typeface with a large character set, including most European languages, such as Latin Extended, Central European, Greek and Cyrillic.


It is not allowed to add colours or alter the logo in any other way.