“NPSIG Music Contest 2021” is a first music competition for librarians organised by IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group. The goal was  to show the important role libraries and music have in our life. Participants could prepare a song with melody and with lyrics and add a video clip if they wanted. 

To our jury, we invited great librarians and musicians: Barbara Lison, Erik Boekesteijn, Sebastian Wilke, Jelena Vuksanović, Mirjana Nešić, Sladjana Sarić, Bryan Kip Haaheim.

Results were more than we had even expected. We got 70 songs from 17 countries. They show different perspectives of music in libraries and music genres.


  1. “Yellow Paper Bird”. Authors: Branka Prazic, Marija Kopun from Serbia;  Public Library ‘’Ilija M. Petrovic’’ in Pozarevac
  2. “Book Junkies”.  Authors:  Jacek Piotrowski, Marcin Majewski, Andrzej Chmielewski, Kapela z Szaconkiem from Poland;  Zdzisław Arentowicz, Municipal Public Library in Włocławek
  3. “Reading Mojito”.  Authors:  Zheng Guohui Yang Feng from China;  Guangxi Normal University Library
  4. “Down at your Library”.   Authors:  Amy Hallmark, Ben Eldridge from New Zealand;  Waimakariri Libraries in Aotearoa


“NPSIG Music Contest 2021” is supported by partners: PWM Edition , Legimi, IAML , IFLA , Sekcja Bibliotek Muzycznych SBP.

Thanks to their support awards go to:

  1.  BOX “100 for 100” Musical Decades of Freedom to the Public Library ‘’Ilija M. Petrovic’’ in Pozarevac
  2. Four individuals access to Legimi platform to  Zdzisław Arentowicz Municipal Public Library in Włocławek
  3. IAML membership to the Guangxi Normal University Library
  4. Flash drives to Waimakariri Libraries in Aotearoa

Congratulations to the winners and to all librarians of the contest. The jury and members of IFLA new professionals special interest group  were impressed with all songs because every song had something special that we admired.