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Inclusive, Efficient, Transparent: Working Paper on IFLA’s Potential Future Governance

IFLA Governance Review Working Paper

Following almost a year of discussions involving IFLA’s Governing Board, Members and volunteers, this document sets out a new proposed governance structure for a more inclusive, transparent and effective IFLA.

After a strong response to a June 2020 survey on a first draft of these plans, we are now entering a new phase of consultation to discuss the proposal in further detail, answer questions, and hear your ideas and insights about IFLA’s future governance structure. 

Progress to Date

The Governance Review process has already benefitted from your contributions and builds on the ideas expressed during the two years of the Global Vision process. In developing the proposal, Governing Board members reviewed the valuable feedback you provided in the survey that was conducted last October, as well as hearing from stakeholders with deep experience of how IFLA works.

Through this, we saw your desire for:

  • More transparency, efficiency and collaboration
  • Stronger regional representation
  • Greater financial and organisational sustainability
  • More varied opportunities for participation, esp. for new leaders
  • Better support for volunteers

The Governing Board adopted these goals, together with a commitment to an inclusive process, as principles in December 2019.

Guided by the principles, the Governing Board developed and approved a Draft Governance Proposal in June 2020 for consideration. IFLA Members and volunteers responded with strong general agreement.

This Working Paper provides additional information about the proposal and highlights key open questions where we are relying on your feedback. You are the ones who bring IFLA alive, and it is your perspectives, experience and views that will help build the structures which can serve you best.

Download the Working Paper [PDF – 2MB]

See also our Questions and Answers webpage, which includes a summary of common questions survey respondents asked about the draft proposal and process, and answers to those questions.

Video Introductions

The three videos below, from IFLA’s President, Chair of the Professional Committee, and Secretary General, will take you through this stage of the IFLA Governance Review and introduce the proposed changes highlighted in the Working Paper.

As we kick off the first of more than a dozen virtual round tables with Members and volunteers, we look forward to giving you the opportunity to improve on these proposals.

Effective Strategic Leadership: Proposals for IFLA’s Governing Board

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Supporting the Profession: Proposals for IFLA’s Professional Structure

Vicki McDonald, Chair of IFLA’s Professional Committee, shows how we’re building opportunity and support to share your energy and experience most effectively, to create projects and initiatives that enrich our profession as a whole.

Stronger Voice and Reach: Proposals for IFLA’s Regional Structures

Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary General, details what IFLA’s governance review will mean for regional representation and participation in our organisations.