Communication Team

The Communication Team is coordinated by the Information Coordinator. They organize the communication between the SC and the outside world via different media the SCs webpage, Facebook, News Mails, Newsletter etc. They edit the articles provided by others and/or write texts themselves. They are responsible for the SCs communication strategy.

Members 2021: Benjamin Scheffler (Germany), Salomon Hellman (Sweden), Razina Akhter (Bangladesh), Melanie Ramirez (Phillipines)

World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) Planning Team

The WLIC Planning Team usually consists of Chair, Secretary and Information Co-ordinator, who will call for support by Section’s members if necessary. The contents are communicated at the quarterly SC meetings.

Members 2021: Jorun Systad (Norway), Chair / Marianne Martens (USA), Secretary / Benjamin Scheffler (Germany), Information Co-ordinator

Satellite Planning Team

The Satellite Planning Team is responsible for co-working with other sections, if the Satellite is a joined meeting. They keep an eye on deadlines, sends out Calls for Papers for speakers and presenters. The Satellite Meeting results have to be reported at the WLIC, and an article has to be published on the Section’s website. They also have to work closely with the Communication Team.

Members 2021: Claire Stuckey (Australia), Carolynn Rankin (UK), Marianne Martens (USA)

Midyear Meeting Team

The Midyear Meeting Team consists of the member(s) in whose city or country the MM is held or hosted if it takes place digital. At least 1 other member supports the MM host. They have an eye on the deadlines for submitting the forms for the MM to IFLA HQ, keep in contact with the library where the MM will take place, help organize the half-day conference or the webinar, are responsible for communicating plans and schedules for the MM to the SC members. They do research on the organization of the MM (travel connections, accommodation etc.) or the hosting of a digital event. And last but not least they prepare texts for the Communication Team to be published in time. That is a lot of work, but it is only temporary and the team members can change with every MM.

Members 2021: Soren Dahl Mortensen (Denmark), Emiko Goeku (Japan), Annie Everall (UK), Salomon Hellman (Sweden)