President-elect (one place)

To serve until the IFLA General Assembly 2023

The role of President-elect of IFLA provides the opportunity to develop understanding and experience of leading the Federation, as well as identifying priorities, prior to taking on the role of President. In this capacity, the successful candidate will work closely with the President, Governing Board and Secretary General, deputising for the former where necessary in representing IFLA and chairing meetings.

When the President-elect becomes President, they will lead IFLA and be its chief representative to governments, allied industry, and national and international organisations and bodies. They chair the Governing Board and preside over the General Assembly, and work closely with the Secretary General to advance the Federation’s goals.

Name Number of votes
1. Vicki McDonald (Australia) 706
Loida Garcia-Febo (United States of America) 703
Ertuğrul Çimen (Turkey) 134

Treasurer (one place)

To serve until the IFLA General Assembly 2023

As a Member of the Governing Board, the Treasurer will contribute to the Board’s overall work in overseeing the management of the Federation. The Board is responsible for governance, financial and professional matters, ensuring sustainability and developing and overseeing the strategic direction of the Federation.

In addition, the Treasurer will bring valuable experience of financial management, and chair IFLA’s Finance and Risk Committee, responsible for advising the Governing Board on the financial and risk management of the Federation.

Name Number of votes
1. Jaap Naber (Netherlands) 683
Leif Mårtensson (Sweden) 502
Randa Al Chicdiac (Lebanon) 358