The Regional Council shall ensure the coordination of the work of the Divisions at the regional level, especially strengthening advocacy and supporting the visibility, coherence and effectiveness of IFLA’s work across the regions. The Regional Council is comprised of the Chair of the Regional Council and the Chairs of each Regional Division.

Regional Divisions contribute to IFLA’s overall strategy and work with other relevant committees and groups to increase library advocacy within the region. They support development of actions plans for the region, carry out projects in identified priority areas for the region (notably around advocacy), discuss progress on implementing the IFLA Strategy in the region, support initiatives to promote IFLA and IFLA membership in the region and liaise with regional offices.

Regional Council Chair (one place)

To serve August 2023-August 2025

IFLA’s Regional Council plays a key role both in increasing the presence of world regions in IFLA, and IFLA’s presence around the world. It has a particular focus on advocacy and capacity building.

Its Chair oversees this work, liaising both with IFLA’s Professional Council, and ensuring that the voice of regions is heard on the Governing Board. The Chair of the Regional Council is a full member of the Governing Board.

Name Number of votes
1. Alejandro Santa (Argentina) 1006
Julius Jefferson (United States of America) 979

Asia-Oceania Regional Division Committee

Name Number of votes
1. Jayshree Mamtora (Australia) 163
2. Misako Nomura (Japan) 151
3. Gulcin Cribb (Australia) 148
4. Lin Li Soh (Singapore) 138
Dilara Begum (Bangladesh) WITHDRAWN 126
5. Rei Iwasaki (Japan) 124
6. Ying Chen (China) 118
7. Tulia Vakalutukali (Fiji) 113
8. Elvira Lapuz (Philippines) 102
9. Premila Gamage (Sri Lanka) 101
10. Nor Edzan Che Nasir (Malaysia) 99
11. Kim Taunga (New Zealand) 82
12. Sanjay Kumar Bihani (Bangladesh) 82
13. Mu Suk Oh (South Korea) 80
14. Nina Nakaora (Fiji) 79
15. Myat Sann Nyein (Myanmar) 78
16. Man Yi Helen Chan (China) 74
17. Betty Eni Williams (Vanuatu) 68
18. Dolores Carungui (Philippines) 68
19. Piotr Lapo (Kazakhstan) 65
20. Ramanan Thankavadivel (Sri Lanka) 64
Stephen Harris (Australia) 92*
Jacky Li (China) 67*
Woro Titi Haryanti (Indonesia) 63
Debal Kar (India) 52
Dr. Ashfaq Hussain (Pakistan) 52
Reshma Dangol (Nepal) 51
Seyed Bagher Mirabdollahi (Iran (Islamic Republic of)) 31
Mamun M. Al (Bangladesh) 19

*In the Asia-Oceania Region, there is a maximum of two Regional Division Committee members from any one country. As such, the third highest scoring candidate from any one country will not be elected.

Europe Regional Division Committee

Name Number of votes
1. Steen Bording Andersen (Denmark) n/a (automatically elected)
2. Ágnes Hajdu Barát (Hungary) n/a (automatically elected)
3. Alicia Sellés Carot (Spain) n/a (automatically elected)
4. Ertugrul Çimen (Türkiye) n/a (automatically elected)
5. Almuth Gastinger (Norway) n/a (automatically elected)
6. Georgios Glossiotis (Greece) n/a (automatically elected)
Stuart Hamilton (Ireland) WITHDRAWN n/a (automatically elected)
7 Marcie Hopkins (United Kingdom) n/a (automatically elected)
8. Catharina Isberg (Sweden) n/a (automatically elected)
9. Hella Klauser (Germany) n/a (automatically elected)
10. Julia Konopka-Żołnierczuk (Poland) n/a (automatically elected)
11. Pavel Kuzmin (Russian Federation) n/a (automatically elected)
12. Jasmina Ninkov (Serbia) n/a (automatically elected)
13. Stefano Parise (Italy) n/a (automatically elected)
14. Pascal Sanz (France) n/a (automatically elected)
15. Antti Sauli (Finland) n/a (automatically elected)
16. Maia Simonishvili (Georgia) n/a (automatically elected)
Silvia Stasselová (Slovakia) WITHDRAWN n/a (automatically elected)

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Division Committee

Name Number of votes
1. Christian Arguedas (Costa Rica) n/a (automatically elected)
2. Ivana Bouvier (Uruguay) n/a (automatically elected)
3. Verónica Jacqueline Maigua Delgado (Ecuador) n/a (automatically elected)
4. Adriana Cybele Ferrari (Brazil) n/a (automatically elected)
5. Maria Angelica Fuentes (Chile) n/a (automatically elected)
6. Rosa Fermina García Cossio (Colombia) n/a (automatically elected)
7. Cecilia Izquierdo (Argentina) n/a (automatically elected)
8. Yiannitzah-Sharimar Jacobus (Curaçao) n/a (automatically elected)
9. María Silvia Lacorazza (Argentina) n/a (automatically elected)
10. Paula Larrain (Chile) n/a (automatically elected)
11. Jeannette Lebron Ramos (Puerto Rico) n/a (automatically elected)
12. Hugo Morales Bellido (Bolivia) n/a (automatically elected)
13. Jonathan Pleitez (El Salvador) n/a (automatically elected)
14. Evangelina Cabrera Portillo (Paraguay) n/a (automatically elected)
15. Eduardo Puente (Ecuador) n/a (automatically elected)
16. Ricardo Crisafulli Rodrigues (Brazil) n/a (automatically elected)
17. Georgina Araceli Torres Vargas (Mexico) n/a (automatically elected)
18. Alejandra Vélez (Colombia) n/a (automatically elected)
19. Miguel Viciedo (Cuba) n/a (automatically elected)

Middle East and North Africa Regional Division Committee

Name Number of votes
1. Eman Abushulaibi (United Arab Emirates) n/a (automatically elected)
2. Saif  AlJabri  (Oman) n/a (automatically elected)
3. Bashayer Saud Alrandi (Kuwait) n/a (automatically elected)
4. Hasna  Askhita  (Syrian Arab Republic) n/a (automatically elected)
5. Fatme Charafeddine (Lebanon) n/a (automatically elected)
6. Badiaa Rahmouni (Morocco) n/a (automatically elected)
7. Hassan E. M. Saafi (Libya) n/a (automatically elected)
8. Heba Sayed (Egypt) n/a (automatically elected)

North America Regional Division Committee

Name Number of votes
1. Camille Callison (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
2. Andrea Cecchetto (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
3. Loubna Ghaouti  (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
4. Susan Haigh (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
5. Michael Huang (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
6. Robin Kear (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
7. Diane Koen (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
8. Evviva Weinraub Lajoie (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
9. Amber Lannon (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
10. Vivian Lewis (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
11. Francesco Manganiello (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
12. Pilar Martinez (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
13. Margaret Mering (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
14. Shawn Mitchell (Canada) n/a (automatically elected)
15. James Neal (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
16. Marie Paiva (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
17. Nafiz Shuva (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
18. Winston Tabb (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)
19. Ying Zhang (United States of America) n/a (automatically elected)

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Division Committee

Name Number of votes
1. Nyarai Chibanda (Zimbabwe) n/a (automatically elected)
2. Namutenya Hamwaalwa (Namibia) n/a (automatically elected)
3. Sarah Kaddu (Uganda) n/a (automatically elected)
Nthabiseng Kotsokoane (South Africa) WITHDRAWN n/a (automatically elected)
4. Ayanda Lebele (Botswana) n/a (automatically elected)
5. Elizabeth Matheus (Namibia) n/a (automatically elected)
6. Buhle Mbambo-Thata (Lesotho) n/a (automatically elected)
7. Monica Mensah (Ghana) n/a (automatically elected)
8. Ruth Nalumaga (Uganda) n/a (automatically elected)
9. Victoria Okojie (Nigeria) n/a (automatically elected)
10. Damilare Oyedele (Nigeria) n/a (automatically elected)