Join us at the WLIC! HBS is sponsoring Session 071: Infodemic Management: Strategies for Combatting Health Mis/Dis/Malinformation in Dublin Convention Centre, Liffey B, 14:45-16:00

Infodemics occur when rapid flows of information combine with information voids and conflicting or confusing messaging to make it difficult for people to find information and make informed decisions to protect their health and the health of their communities. Librarians play a critical role in improving the information ecosystem and strengthening public health response by ensuring people have access to accurate health information, in a usable format, from a trusted messenger, at the right time to promote healthy and informed decision making.

The session focuses on providing librarians with practical examples of strategies for combating the spread of health mis/dis/mal-information that can be used to enable the development of similar approaches in their own work at their home institutions.


Presentation 1: Coming Together to Combat Health Misinformation: An Academic and Public Libraries Partnership (14:45 – 15:00)

Margaret Henderson, USA

Presentation 2: Fighting an Infodemic through Accurate, Intelligible COVID-19 Information: An Analysis of the Readability Level of Authoritative Online Consumer Health Information

Feili Tu-Keefner, Abby Bricker, and April Hobbs, USA
Feili Tu-Keefner IFLA WLIC 2022

Presentation 3: Combating the COVID-19 Epidemic and Informatic in Asia and Beyond (15:15 – 15:30)

Man Yi Helen Chan, China


Presentation 4: Towards Automatic Quality Control of Life Science Articles –  Between Censorship and Good Research Practice (15:30 – 15:45)

Eva Seidlmayer, Germany
Seidlmayer IFLA WLIC 2022


Moderated Q&A Session (15:45 – 16:00)

Bethany McGowan, USA