Sustainable Development Goals in the View of LIS Students March 30,, 2023 time 16:00 -17:30 CET









IFLA Division C is hosting a Webinar Series for LIS students that aims to create a place for students to share their projects, research, and ideas about different topics related to libraries.

March´s webinar will be dedicated to “Sustainable Development Goals in the View of LIS Students”.

Date: March 30, 2023

Time: 16.00-17.30 CET

In this webinar, three experts present their expertise on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their impact on the international library scene:

  • Petra Hauke (IFLA ENSULIB Secretary) will talk about “Green and Sustainable Libraries with a special focus on SDG 13, Climate Action.”
  • Loida Garcia Febo (International Library Consultant, ALA Chair IRC United Nations Subcommittee, IFLA MLAS Information Coordinator) will discuss the topic “SDGs and Libraries: LIS Students contributions transforming our world.”
  • Kristīne Pabērza-Ramiresa (IFLA HQ, Member Engagement Officer) will discuss what knowledge and skills a librarian needs for promoting the sustainable development agenda, in particular she will touch upon Target 4.7 of the SDG 4 – Quality Education.

We invite LIS students to participate in an interactive webinar and take a live survey aimed at a study of LIS Schools’ involvement in promoting SDGs.

Series Organizers:

Susanne List-Tretthahn

Nicole Filbrandt

Albina Krymskaya

All events are held online and are open to everyone (no registration fees).

Resources on SDGs:

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Library Map of the World, SDG Stories

Watch the previous webinars at