In 2023, Wikidata has more than 100 million data items. Even though the Wikidata community has grown rapidly over the past decade with many libraries linking and connecting to Wikidata, not many people know what to do when there are mismatches between their data and Wikidata’s. In this session, we will take a look at how Mismatch Finder plays an essential role for data re-users and how libraries can benefit from identifying these mismatches. The audience will also get to experience the power of Wikibase in other library Linked Open Data projects, with Wikidata sitting at the heart of the ecosystem.

Sponsored by IFLA Science & Technology Libraries Section

Presenter Biography

Alan Ang is a Partner Manager at Wikimedia Deutschland. He is responsible for connecting and onboarding global institutions to the Linked Open Data web via Wikidata and Wikibase projects. As a proponent of the 5* Open Data, Alan has given talks at multiple events, promoting open data and free knowledge across the world. He was previously the Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic (until 2020) and promoted open data in various government agencies.