We bring together physical science and technology libraries and associations throughout the world to fulfill our mission and deepen our impact.

Mission & Goals

The Science & Technology Libraries Section brings together representatives from libraries and associations who are involved in collecting and providing access to information and data in the disciplines of the physical sciences, technology, and engineering.

Our aim is to provide a community centered around communication, collaboration, and continuous professional development for users in the science and technology departments of national libraries, university and polytechnic libraries, public libraries and corporate and government research libraries. Current areas of interest include:

  • Open Science and Open Data
  • Science Literacy and Outreach
  • Emerging Roles for Science Librarians

Each year the Section facilitates a popular and engaging session at WLIC and works to encourage professional development and communication throughout the year through various workshops and social media venues. The Section also collaborates with various national and international science and technology library associations.

This unit is part of the Professional Division D.