IFLA Division C is going to host a Webinar Series for LIS students that was initiated by the IFLA Division IV – Support of the Profession in spring 2021. These webinars aim to create a place for students to share their projects, research, and ideas about different topics related to libraries. October’s theme is “International Engagement and Collaboration – Getting Started”. LIS students will share their experience on how to be involved in international cooperation, whether through a joint project with a partner library, through conference visits, stays abroad, study trips, internships, etc.

There will be two webinars dedicated to this theme. The first webinar’s keynote speaker Hella Klauser will present a talk “Working Internationally: Who? Why? How? – ME?”.  The second webinar will take place on 29 October 2021.

Watch the recording from the Oct. 22 webinar at this link.

Keynote: Hella Klauser

Hella Klauser (Germany) specializes on international library topics. She is responsible for international cooperation within the  Network of Excellence  for Libraries (knb) at the German Library Association (Deutscher  Bibliotheksverband dbv) in Berlin, Germany. Hella coordinates IFLA issues and supports IFLA Members in Germany, as well as runs the secretariat of the IFLA-National committee Germany. She is member of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Management of Library Associations Section. Besides this, since August 2021 she has represented Germany in IFLA’s new Europe Regional Division.


Ngozi Perpetua Osuchukwu (Nigeria) – “Taking a Chance on LIS International Engagement”
Tamara Glushetckaia (France) – “The Power of Study Trips”
Martin Julius V. Perez (Philippines ) – “International Early Career Development: Experience from and Impact of the Jay Jordan IFLA / OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship”


Albina Krymskaya, Associate Professor and Deputy Dean, Library and Information Science Department, St. Petersburg State University of Culture, Susanne List-Tretthahn, Head of Education, Austrian Library Association.