European Lifelong Learning Platform Conference

IFLA will participate in the 2nd Lifelong Learning Platform Conference, held in Vienna, Austria. This will provide a chance to highlight the unique role and contribution of libraries in making lifelong learning a possibility for all.

Thanks to technological, economic and social change, people increasingly need to adapt to a world that could not have been imagined when they were at school. As such, the importance of lifelong learning has never been higher on the agenda.

Libraries have always been about allowing people to continue to learn throughout their lives, regardless of whether they are registered at a formal education institution. There is now an opportunity to recognise and celebrate this contribution, and ensure that the work of libraries is supported and integrated into broader strategies. 

The European Lifelong Learning Platform Conference 2018 will offer an opportunity to highlight the special role of libraries as safe, welcoming places where all can come to learn and access information. Anette Mjoberg, Secretary of IFLA's Public Libraries Section, will lead a session on learning spaces.