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This Section provides an active international forum for the development and promotion of public libraries which serve the whole community in the context of the information society and ensure free and equal access to information at the local level. It also includes mobile libraries.

Public Libraries Section - 2015 & 2016 winners of the IFLA Professional Unit Communication Award

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Last update: 13 April 2017

Latest News

PLS Minutes from Wroclaw now Available

The Public Libraries Section held two great meetings when we met in Wroclaw during August. The Minutes of these meetings are now available.

31 October 2017

How Public Libraries Contribute to the STEM Agenda

Public libraries are uniquely placed as centres of informal learning for all ages, at the heart of their communities. They have embraced the opportunities to bring STEAM initiatives to all, from the very young through to those who are post-retirement. 'How Public Libraries Contribute to the STEM Agenda' collects together the case studies presented at STEAM into Sydney, the Public Library Standing Committee's 2017 mid-term meeting.

26 May 2017

Managing Change - PLS Satellite Program now available

Planning for the 2017 WLIC? Make sure you make time to attend 'Managing Change: Library Transitions', the Satellite being jointly presented by Public Libraries and Management and Marketing Sections in Bergen.

8 May 2017