(August 17-18, 2004, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This invitation only meeting is the second in a series of regional meetings of cataloguing experts the IFLA Cataloguing Section has planned.

The first meeting (for Europe) was held in Frankfurt, Germany July 2003. It will be followed by meetings for the Middle East in 2005 (held in December in Cairo, Egypt), for Asia in Seoul, Korea before the 2006 IFLA Conference, and the final meeting in 2007 for Africa in Pretoria, South Africa before the IFLA Conference.


To increase the ability to share cataloguing information worldwide by promoting standards for the content of bibliographic and authority records used in library catalogues.

Objective for the 2nd meeting

To review and update the 2003 draft Statement of Principles developed at the European meeting, to discuss cataloguing codes currently in use in Latin America to compare their similarities and differences to see if we can get closer together and perhaps develop an International Cataloguing Code.

Working Groups