IFLA generally uses the term “standards” to refer to the following types of documents:

  • Guidelines (documents specifying requirements, making provisions, and giving recommendations and basic instructions based on examples, about an action or behaviour)
  • Best practices (documents suggesting the best course of action, providing information on methods or programs that have proven successful and can be adapted by others)
  • Conceptual models
  • Rules for resource description
  • Digital encoding schemes

They are developed following the IFLA Standards Procedures Manual.

Once completed and endorsed by the IFLA Professional Council on behalf of the Governing Board, new Standards are published in the IFLA repository, announced via the news feed and included in the list of current IFLA Standards.

IFLA Standards in progress

The following IFLA Standards are in the standards review and approval process.

Standards under review

  • None at this time

Standards reviewed and recommended for endorsement

Approved for publication

  • None at this time

Standards reviewed and returned to the Units

Standards development in progress

Recently completed and published standards

See also the full list of current IFLA Standards.